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Gold Dust Fever and Nugget Of the Month

  our freinds and neighbors have been lifelong residents of the Placerville California area. Many of our freinds are Pioneer familys , came here on wagon train.  Many are Clampers. Over the last 40 years we have verified many stories from old timers and prospectors. After many pints at our favorite waterin holes The Cozmic Cafe Pearsons Soda Works The Liars Bench and the hangmans tree. Now closed..We have tracked down the locations of many hidden and forgotten mining claims,With help from our local mine dude,whos job it is to clean up mine sites We put all verifiable leads into a data base and are working the old Dry Diggins AKA

Placerville California Old Hangtown. Want Gold?  We have limited openings for those who desire Gold dust, Nuggets and Paydirt.Heres how it works,You Grubstake us and we will split the findings with you   60/40 split 60 for you 40 for us  If per chance, you just gotta have the paydirt you may purchase DIRT from us,We DIG the best Dirt from primo secret locations. All from the Mother Lode, Coloma, Placerville, Grizzly Flats  Webers Creek ,Smith Flat  Coon Hollow

Auborn California

Since we live here and know all the trails all the hard to find areas Long forgotten stamp mills, We have found the ruins of a chinese Temple  and those almost impossible to get to  we have the advantage over weekend amatuer  gold diggers.Many of our excursions start at mountain base camps that are not drivable this means we have to hike up the mountain trails carrying all of our supllies with us. We spend weeks at a time in the sierras Living in tents  scouting the old lost claims. One of my recent finds was at a place called Texas Hill  using a metal detector on the tailings pile and found a 6 pound rock that was almost %90 gold which I gave to my brother.We understand that in todays economy Folks want Gold as a investment and a barter item,We also know that not many of you cannot drop everything and go prospecting for weeks at a time.Thats where we come in think of us as your Personal Prospectors.You can even E mail us as to what you want us to look for.We are prospectors and TV producers,Depending on terrain we may broadcast live from Dry Diggins we will e mail ya when live.

Nugget of the Month We will give away to the lucky winner a beautiful Gold Nugget.Not less than one ounce of gold

All persons who Grubstake us will be entered in the drawing

We will video tape all of our expidtions and post them on this website. With specials   on Cowboy Life in the camps. If you desire to personalize your prospecting adventure Please let us know we will include the name you specify On an upcoming show  Grubstake cost, To allow us the time and equipment to carry on prospecting Many trips into the sierras etc..

Grubstake us  at different levels  The 49er. $ 100.00  The Mother Lode $200  The Bullion Trail $500.00

This means we split what we find 60/40  60 for you 40 for us. This also enters you into the Nugget of the month. We are not in the mining Biz and we are not selling stocks in any gold mine. This is not a prospectus,However we are Prospectors.Out in the hills we call a prospectus a lawyers disease....

Special Note to all would be Gold Panners.Plan on spending upwards of 800 a month for motels. If your thinking of campin out in your car Forget it..The Hangtown Police will be firm in movin you along,,Hangtown already has a very active Homeless camp.. BE very AWARE of which CAMP you come across THIS IS COWBOY COUNTRY..Tons of city folk have already been here,And left in disgust,, Cause they didnt know what they were lookin at.Prospectin is the fine art of stumblin on somethin Scientiffaclly Gold is where ya find it

Its Not all about the Gold.. Although thats what drew thousands to Hangtown. Imagine 150 years ago over 100,000 men from all continents invaded Hangtown creek.Every square inch of dirt turned over at least twice.Now thats serious Diggin.A whole cast of Characters, Bad Men, Bandits,Carpet Baggers, ruffians and poltroons has walked past the bell tower  Each of these men brought things with them.Alot of interesting artifacts have been found. Things that tell a story,   of

"Paydirt and Pistolsmoke"

Often times I have walked through Slug Gulch Now called Happy Valley  Next to Fairplay and have felt an errie prescence as if a long ago gun battle took place,Makes me wonder about Miners Law   NO law and the LAW of survival

Mineshaft Mercantile

40 years of collecting antiques from ravines and 100 year old dump sites,We have gathered quite a  Pile of silverware, pewter dishes,candle sticks, coins, jewlrey ,Old bottles, hand made tools,Mining tools,picks pans shovels etc..Frankly we didnt know what to do with it all. Most of it is stored in milk crates in an old mine shaft.

We are not into Ebay but hey some of you are and have Ebay stores,Subscribe to our mineshaft mercantile service

and you will have first dibs on one of a kind items,Most of what we have is over 100 years old Tell us what you want and we will send a list of items. This service is limited.Yes we have a lot of items but we want to limit the number of persons given access. We are prospectors not store clerks. Subscription for this service is $100.00

for 6 months. Paydirt from the Mother lode is 5 pounds for $100.00



Paydirt and Pistolsmoke TV shot on location ElDorado County



 Our main base of operations is Placerville California. We make several trips a year to Apache Junction Arizona

on the trail of the Lost Dutchman mine